Slaughter In Dallas: Police Executed By Snipers

Five police officers were killed and seven were wounded in Dallas last night in a coordinated attack during a Black Lives Matter protest. This sparks the single worst day for attacks against law enforcement since 9/11/01 when 72 officers were killed.

Three people were in custody and one suspect dead as local police and federal authorities raced to determine a motive and whether more people were involved in what was the nation’s deadliest day for police since 9/11. The suspects were not cooperating, officials said. Law enforcement veterans told Fox News the attack was clearly coordinated and showed an alarming degree of planning and sophistication.

“It’s a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said. “I ask that everybody focus on one thing right now, and that is Dallas police officers, their families, those that are deceased [and] those that are in the hospital fighting for their lives.”

At least 60 rounds were fired by the snipers. One of the suspects killed himself before the police could take him into custody.

Obama, speaking from a NATO summit in Poland, said America is “horrified” over the shootings and asked all Americans to pray for the fallen officers and their families. He renewed his calls for more gun control.

“There’s no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement,” Obama said, hours after a pre-attack speech in which he cited two racially charged police shootings earlier in the week and called for an end to bias in law enforcement.