Sanders Defeats Hillary in Oregon, Ties in Kentucky

As expected, Donald Trump won handily in the Kentucky and Oregon primaries yesterday given his status as the presumptive GOP nominee.

However, the fact that he pulled less than 70% of the vote in both states underscores that nearly a third of GOP primary voters are still unwilling to fall in line.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s failure to knock Bernie Sanders out of the race for the Democrat nomination was underscored last night with Sanders’ decisive victory in Oregon and a virtual tie in Kentucky.

As of this morning with 99% precincts reporting, Hillary led Bernie by a mere half a point, which could change as votes are finally tallied.

Though Hillary has declared victory, the possibility of a recount still looms overhead, and that Sanders could be defeated easily means Hillary’s path to the nomination is anything but certain.

Going into yesterday’s primaries, Sanders was only 280 delegates behind Hillary, and the haul from both states offers nearly half of that difference.

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