NTPA Alert: And The “Golden Hookah” Winner is…

And The “Golden Hookah” Winner is…

…The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

According to CNSNews, they’ve spent over $3.6 million over the past ten years “funding research that involves getting monkeys to smoke and drink drugs such as PCP, methamphetamine (METH), heroin, and cocaine…”

This project is the well-deserved winner of CNSNews.com’s “What Were They Smoking Award”, which is symbolized by the highly-coveted Golden Hookah (video here).

CNSNews contacted the NIH and asked:

“The Census Bureau says the median household income in the United States is $52,000. How would you explain to the average American mom and dad–who make $52,000 per year–that taxing them to pay for this grant was justified?”

In an e-mail, the NIH responded that the research would help create better drug treatment models, alleviating the financial burden on society caused by drug addiction.

“Drug abuse and addiction are a major burden to society; economic costs resulting from tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug abuse are estimated to exceed $600 billion dollars annually in the United States–including health, crime-related costs, and losses in productivity,” said the NIH.

No word on nominees for next years Golden Hookah.