AP Makes Bizarre Comparison Between Trump, 1940’s Radical Group

The Associated Press has made a strange comparison between Donald Trump and a 1940’s anti-war extremist group that smacks of desperation.

Although opponents of liberal positions are used to being labeled as racists, this latest attack on the GOP presumptive nominee is just plain bizarre:

For students of U.S. history, that slogan harkens back to the tumultuous presidential election of 1940, when hundreds of thousands of Americans joined the anti-war America First Committee. That isolationist group’s primary goal was to keep the United States from joining Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany, which by then had overrun nearly all of Europe. But the committee is also remembered for the unvarnished anti-Semitism of some of its most prominent members and praise for the economic policies of Adolf Hitler.

Historians told The Associated Press there are some ideological parallels between Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail and the positions taken 75 years ago by members of the American First Committee. Then as now, an economic downturn fanned popular resentment toward immigration, especially by those who were not perceived as traditional Americans.

“Building a wall is about the illusion that there can be a physical safeguard to prevent intrusion from alien forces,” said Bruce Miroff, a professor who teaches on American politics and the presidency at the State University of New York at Albany. “America First was tapping into suspicion of an ominous other who threatened the American way of life. At that time, it was about Jews. With Trump, it’s Muslims and fear of terrorism.”

This line of attack against Donald Trump isn’t anything new. CNN and Time Magazine have made the same comparisons. The Groupthink espoused by these left-wing ‘news’ services isn’t terribly original, or clever. And it begs the question, ‘Is the left jumping the shark?’