IRS Investigation GAO: Former IRS Agents Can Access Taxpayer Information

The federal government’s own watchdog established by Congress, the General Accountability Office (GAO), released a bombshell report this week which comes at a most inconvenient time for the embattled Internal Revenue Service. Amid the ongoing scandal concerning the Justice Department’s obstruction of the investigation into the targeting of conservative political groups, the GAO’s report lends
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The Next Marco Rubio?

Live on Hannity, Republican Congressman Connie Mack recently announced his challenge to Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in Florida: While Mack isn’t the first Florida Republican to join the race, he brings a much praised record as a limited government advocate and statewide name recognition. This popularity translated into a four point lead over Senator Nelson
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911cross NTPA Alert: Save The 9/11 Memorial Cross

Save The 9/11 Memorial Cross Religious symbols have marked burial grounds in all cultures for thousands of years. They’re also often used to mark memorial sites and places where survivors wish to commemorate those who have been lost. Religious symbols are a demonstration of faith, strength in the face of tragedy, courage and determination. The
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hillary Dubious: Hillary Mixed Work, Personal Emails on iPad

During her now infamous press conference that followed the revelations of the use of her personal email server for official State Department business, Hillary Clinton claimed that she used a Blackberry for both because she didn’t want to carry around two devices. Yet according to the details among the four emails she turned over to
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Foreign Policy

epa-logo NTPA Alert: The EPA and China

The EPA and China The United States Environmental Protection Agency, commonly known as the EPA, is charged with cleaning and protecting the envrionment. It goes without saying that the agency should be focused on the United States, right? So why is the EPA giving grants to coal mines in China? According to CNSNews, that’s exactly
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Debt and Taxes

IRS Investigation IRS Drops 60% of Calls As Tax Day Looms

It’s official: Tax Freedom Day, 2015, comes later than usual on April 24th. It is the day after which Americans are no longer working to pay the sum total of their taxes, whether to local, state or federal governments. With 43 days allotted alone for paying income taxes, the day comes as salt in the
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National Security

sheila-jackson-lee1 NTPA Alert: A War on… “Christian Militants?”

A War on… “Christian Militants?” According to loony Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, perhaps we should be considering such a thing. Yes, this is the same Sheila Jackson Lee who once asked if she could see a picture of the flag that Neil Armstrong planted in 1969…on Mars. She also once demanded to know why the names of
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