WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 06:  Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers remarks after being presented the 2013 Tom Lantos Human Rights Prize December 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. Clinton received the award for her work in the areas of women's rights and internet freedom.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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Hillary’s Plan to Ice Biden

With the members of the DNC meeting this week in Minneapolis, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has one thing on its collective mind: squashing the budding candidacy of Joe Biden. Working the group and ‘flexing campaign’ muscles among the influential members of the party, Hillary’s top advisers have been moving swiftly to reassert her dominance and influence
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IRS Investigation GAO: Former IRS Agents Can Access Taxpayer Information

The federal government’s own watchdog established by Congress, the General Accountability Office (GAO), released a bombshell report this week which comes at a most inconvenient time for the embattled Internal Revenue Service. Amid the ongoing scandal concerning the Justice Department’s obstruction of the investigation into the targeting of conservative political groups, the GAO’s report lends
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The Next Marco Rubio?

Live on Hannity, Republican Congressman Connie Mack recently announced his challenge to Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in Florida: While Mack isn’t the first Florida Republican to join the race, he brings a much praised record as a limited government advocate and statewide name recognition. This popularity translated into a four point lead over Senator Nelson
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911cross NTPA Alert: Save The 9/11 Memorial Cross

Save The 9/11 Memorial Cross Religious symbols have marked burial grounds in all cultures for thousands of years. They’re also often used to mark memorial sites and places where survivors wish to commemorate those who have been lost. Religious symbols are a demonstration of faith, strength in the face of tragedy, courage and determination. The
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hillary Judge Says Hillary Violated Federal Rules

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is presiding over the FOIA suit which brought much of the details of Servergate to light, ordered the State Department this week to coordinate with the FBI in its search for official records on Hillary Clinton’s home-based server. Justice Department attorneys defending the State Department argued that FOIA requests typically
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Foreign Policy

CAGLIARI, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 22:  Pope Francis delivers his speech during a meeting with young people on September 22, 2013 in Cagliari, Italy. Pope Francis heads to Cagliari on the Italian island of Sardinia for a pastoral visit that includes celebrating mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria. The Pope announced in May that he wished to visit the Marian Shrine of Bonaria or 'Good Air' because it gave his hometown of Buenos Aires its name. During his 10-hour visit to the city of Cagliari, the Pope will also meet workers, business representatives, prisoners, the poor, young people, leading representatives from the world of culture and the island's Catholic bishops.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images) Pope to Address Congress

Arguably the most politically engaged pontiff in a century, Pope Francis is set to address Congress next month in what could be a new watershed moment in his campaign to influence world leaders. Set for September 24th, Francis accepted an invitation from Republican Speaker John Boehner just weeks after his controversial encyclical incensed conservatives for
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Debt and Taxes

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen answers to the House Oversight Committee in the panel’s continuing probe of whether tea party groups were improperly targeted for increased scrutiny by the government’s tax agency, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Earlier this month, IRS official Lois Lerner was called to testify about the controversy but refused to answer questions by committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and invoked her Fifth Amendment rights at least nine times. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Congress Calls for Koskinen Ouster

This week Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Chairman for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs, called for the ouster of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Citing multiple occasions of obstruction of the House’s investigation of IRS political targeting, Chaffetz reported in an interview that he has sent a letter to President Obama formally requesting that
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National Security

hillary Inspector General: Hillary Sent ‘Hundreds’ of Classified Details

A report delivered this week to House and Senate intelligence committees by an inspector general for the intelligence community is warning that potentially hundreds of classified secrets were transmitted via Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Among the 30,000 emails reviewed by the IG’s office, none them offered any special protection or indication of sensitive content
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